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Our family moved to Frederick five years ago. As a family committed to cultural cuisine, we were surprised that no well-established African grocery store in Frederick sells our exquisite cultural products. Initially, it wasn’t a huge issue because we still have ties to Montgomery County, so it is exciting to return there to shop. We expect to find a lovely African store once we settle in eventually. As we became more acquainted with Frederick and our community, we realized that we and the entire community purchased goods in Montgomery County or Washington, D.C.

So I asked myself one day, why do I keep blaming others for the lack of an authentic African grocery store in our community? Is it not also my duty to help build this community? Following this self-evaluation, I decided that I would be the one to serve our African community; oh, yes! and we will provide affordable, high-quality authentic goods to our African and Caribbean communities.

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We Serve You With Only High Quality Products From The Best Brands From Africa, The Caribbeans, and the rest of the World.

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